the Product ; Save M.E.

Assalamualaikum and hi all.. 🙂

okay..first of all I would like to apologize for the late upload of my video project that me and my team mates have done for this semester.. here is the video.. hope you guys will enjoy watching it.. 🙂 and don’t forget to think and realize about what we = human has done to our earth.. 🙂

p/s : i’m sorry if the video disappoint you.. >.<



The Final Week – EduTechNovation Day .. n_n

Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone.. 🙂

Today is the big day. A day where me and my team members and also my classmates presenting our video. Video about any topics that will leave message and moral values to the audience. I believe that everybody giving their 200% of commitment while preparing this video project. Waiting for today is like waiting a really special day.

Wanna know why?? Hehe This is all because we will presenting or showing our short video in front of our Dean and other lecturers from this faculty. And for sure, in front of our lovely lecturer, Ummi Rosseni Din, our great facilitators, Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Kak Ana, Kak Wani, Mr. Faisal, Mrs. Aida and all. J Even though they knew about our video progress, but still they haven’t watch the full video. This situation makes butterflies fly on my stomach.hehee 😀

For today’s class, I was the earliest who come to class at 8.00 am. At first, I was like aaawwwhhhhhh..kelas dah cancel ke?? Mane yang lain nii.. L When I called Ummi, she’s still at her college..then I called Jannah and AGAINN..she’s at her college too.. I’m freaking out. Do we have class for thinking skills or not for today?? If there’s no class, why there’s nobody tell me about that?? So I just wait there, outside that computer lab ALONEE..don’t know what to do while recap if Dr. Sharifah had told us about today’s class.. Andd..not so long after that, Safwan arrived, then Kak Ana..and all my other classmates…yeayyyy 😀

Just lucky if not I will just go back to my college and continue to sleep..ahahahaa.. what a bad habit for a girl like me right?? =.= kalau la mak tahu nih..aishhhhabeslaaabut it is not happen because not long after that, the class begin..:) .. During the Thinking Skills class, I can stay calm..WHY?? because one of our group members for Edu. Tech still not around..Winnie said she’ll be late for class.. Why I’m so worried? Because all the video is with her..that’s the reason..hehee.. During the class, Ummi, Winnie, Jee Jee and me myself are not really pay our full attention for the lecturer since we are too nervous about presenting the video..huu..over plak kann..padahal member-member yang lain rileks je..hahahaaa >.<

When the time shows around 9.15 a.m. I saw Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Ummi Rosseni and others going in and out from the computer lab. Next doorand it makes each of us worry..huhuhuhuu.. Class for Thinking Skills for today end early at 9.30 a.m. because we are just recap what we had studied and how the exam questions will look like.. Looks like Dr. Sharifah know that we have to be at Computer Lab early..hehee **Thank you Dr. Sharifah.. 🙂

When we had entered the Computer Lab.2..we are getting more anxious..more nervous.. All the facilitators and Ummi Rosseni were there. First things that we need to do is to put our video poster on the board provided. Here’s the poster of my group..we changed the name of our group from E-Tech. Production to kitakita Production..this is the last minute idea..hehe.. luckily I bring my thumbtack to pin the poster or else, I have to put adhesive tape on no will make our poster doesn’t look good..hihihi.. XD

Each group has their own poster, and it all look really beautiful, correspond to the theme of their video. All of us print it with the same size..except for MeranMuvies Production, which is Imran’s group..their poster was the biggest poster among us..just like the real poster of the production house.. mak aihh..besar gilaa..da macam poster muviee-muviee..hwaaa..jeles…tapi xpelaa..mahal upenye nk print cmtuh..dekat RM80..hokaaayyyy..kami lom mampuu..hihihiii.. ;).. 

kitakita's poster..

kitakita’s poster..

Once the posters are ready, we start our class when our beloved Dean for Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Lilia Halim gives a little speech. We are quite nervous because this is the first time when we had Dean in our class, especially during the presentation day or named as EduTechNovation Day.. She said that she read our group blog..she didn’t actually mention kitakita Production or E-Tech Production’s group blog but then when she mentioned about environment, so Yes, it is my group.. OMG!!! Dean baca reflection kt group blog kitorang..aishhseramm..BUT, this is something that we can be proud..bukan selalu Dean nak spend time baca group student..ramai tau student yang amik Edu.Tech sem ni..hehe.. JANGANN JEALOUSSS..hikhikhik.. 😛

After all and all…the presentation session started.. 🙂

The first lucky group presenting their project video is MeranMuvies Production. Consists of Imran, Nadia, Nisa, Michelle and Farah Sakinah.. :). their video titled ‘BACK THEN’. The video is really nice. 🙂

The next group is my group..kitakita Production with the video ”SAVE M.E – Save My Earth’.. 🙂 the video is all about nature since my group members are all really in love with nature..hehehe XD

Moving on to the next group, FutoramaFilms. Fahmi, Farahin, Fizi, Prasna, Ekin and Kak Ika’s group. with their video about healthy lifestyle. they go to Broga Hills for their shoot.. Fahmi is a really good photographer..:)

Next group is Shafasafiratin Productions. A group of Farahafizah, FNS, Shira, Kak Na and Safwan. Their video is about friendship, named as SAHABAT.

then it’s turn for Yasmin’s group. ChaCha Creations consist of Yasmin, Adira, Jannah, Zarina and Nora. their video is about Rukhsah Solat. Adira said that their video is not good but then when we all watched the video…Subhanallah..that was really awesome. I really love their was soooooo cuteee.. 🙂

and the last group presenting their video is LastMinuteProductions. A production of Ejit, Haidir, Atikah, Azalea, Ana and Veni.. this video is also about the beginning of a friendship, titled as The Beginning.. 🙂

This Educational Technology class was among the best class ever in this semester. We had a fun and pleasant journey along this semester. We never had this experience while learning about computer and technologies. And Ummi Rosseni, Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Kak Ana and other facilitators had make us learned a lot of things. Thank you sooooo muchh..I WILL MISS THIS CLASS.. >.<


Thank you Dr. Rosseni.. Hopefully we will learn with you again for the next semester.. ❤

Assalamualaikum.. n_n

A week before the Presentation day 0_o

Assalamualaikum… ahlan wasahlan to all..

it has been a loooonnnnggggggg timee I didn’t update anything heree..i‘m sooo soorryyyyi don’t know why i‘m acting like thiss..getting even lazier to do anythingghm…how to overcome this?? what i need to do is just remember my mom’s advise…oo…i miss my mom and my familyyyyy…it has been a longg time i didn’t come back home… maybe that’s the reason why i‘m acting like this..i loss my spirit when i miss my family ♥ ♥.. hwaaaaaa


My only n lovely Mom with my brother n sisters..

I’m reallyyy sorryyy Ummi for behaving like this.. 😦 ..but please don’t punish me. .it is going to be like moreeee de-motivating of myself..

Enough with that bad story of my I would like to tell you about my short trip to Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim yesterday, on 13th Dec. 2012.. That was the first time I was there and it was fun. Why I went there? It was for celebrating my friend’s birthday..his 21st birthday. At first I want to make it as a surprise for him butttt . . .hm. . .it ruins when he answered his roommate’s call and that call was from me. However, still. .he was shocked because I was there without telling him. That was the first time I’m doing that kind of crazy things. .go to Tanjung Malim all the way with the risk that he’s not in his college and ALHAMDULILLAH, he’s not going anywhere. 😀

UPSI..kikikiii 😀

Hopefully he’ll like what I did to him since that was quite risky of being lost..hehehee. . By the way, thanks a lot to my friends – , and for their willingness to go there with me.. me love you guys.. ❤ (n_n) . .

tq let’s start with the reflection after nagging and babbling about things that have no relation about my study..hehehee 🙂 Today’s class run without Ummi here since she got something else more important to do :(..but, that doesn’t mean that our class will be cancel..nope..because we got great facilitators to teach us about these technologies, as I said before, they are – Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Kak Wani and a few more. 🙂

Today’s class was started by Mr. Helmi. Before he starts the lecture, he asked us about the progress of our pre-production video..not only my group, but other groups too. . . BUT. .hm. .my group are having a big problem about the video.. You wanna know what kind of problem?? hmm…it is the not-functioning laptop of one of my group members.. So, what’s the problem right?? the problem is that laptop is the laptop that save all the almost-done video of our group project. .when I heard that news, it was likee . . . . YA ALLAH, dugaan di pagi hari Jumaat. . . .don’t know what to say. .speechless. . . and my other group mates have the raw video, and yet. .it looks like we have to do it all over again. . .hm. . .have nothing to say EXCEPT this. .



Thanks to the handsome Mr. Helmi for being understanding about our problem. .😀 . He said to us that it’s okay but we need to start doing it from now and need to upload it on YouTube so that he can comment everything from there if we need to edit anything before the presentation day next Friday. . There are a lot of things to settle down. . hm . .sabarlah wahai erna dan sahabat2 ku~~

And ALHAMDULILLAH, like I said before, ALLAH will ease everything for us. . and ALLAH has heard our du’a. . The laptop has starts functioning. . .yeayyy. . .😀 😀 😀  . .But, we still, we have to work even harder to finish it. . INSYAALLAH, it will be ‘on-air’ next week..hehee

Now, the lecture begins. . .hehee. . Mr. Helmi starts the class with a topic about Adobe Photoshop. He teach us about how to edit a picture in order to create a poster. Poster?? For what?? It is for our project. 🙂 hehe..

The first step is open the Adobe Photoshop programme. .


 → click on File  →  New → and choose International Paper on Preset. .


→ then click File → Open to choose which picture that you want to edit. .

Once you had chosen the picture, click on Lasso and choose Magnetic Lasso Tool. .


then select on picture that you want.. click on Select on the top → Refine Edge and edit the feather, the contrast and the smooth of the picture to ensure that the result would be great.. → click on Edit and choose Cut and then Paste. the result will be like this. .


After that, create a new layer at the bottom right and after that, click on Gradient and choose background to make the picture more interesting. → click on Text to edit text on on Shape to make the text looks better and here is the result.. 🙂 ..Try and error on every button, so that we know the use of the buttons.. 🙂


After that we also learned on how to use Adobe Premiere. . 😀 . .

download (1)

Done with his lecture, Mr. Helmi passed the authority of the class to Mdm. Haz. Mdm. Haz told us about the presentation day which will be held on 21st Dec. 2012 at Computer Laboratory where we always have class. After discussing with Mr. Helmi, they cancel the presentation at Dewan Budiman because there, it is just too big and it is quite difficult to present it there.

About the poster, it must explain about the pre-production video and we don’t need to put all the information of video making in it because it will make our work more complicated. .huhuhu… Thanks Mdm. Haz and Mr. Helmi.. 🙂 For the size of the poster, we need to print it out around 20 × 30 inches..  We also need to prepare about 3 – 4 slides for the presentation which consist of the whole things about video production.

Mdm. Haz had make a list for us what actually we need to prepare for the big day..huuuuuuu >.<

  1. Poster     →     Film Concept
  2. Slide Powerpoint Presentation     →      Abstract of the project

→     Flow chart to show the process of making the video

→     Storyboard

→     Group Blog (consists of group pictures)

Aawwwhhhhh. . .can’t wait for the big day..heee. . .* mcm nak kahwin plak* hahahaa . . Releasing a new baby of our first time project was really freaking me out. .maybe not only me. .but all my classmates. .heheee

By the way, by HIS help, insyaALLAH everything will run smoothly. . Best of luck to my team mates ~ E-Tech. Production and all my classmates. . 🙂


The Informative Week 12. . :)



Todayy, I think this is the second time I actually missed the Thinking Skills class because of some misunderstanding happen here and there. Why it was happening? It’s because of me. . .hmmm. . .since I was the class rep. for the Thinking Skills class, everyone will ask me about the class, whether there will be any lecture or not. . Today, when me and all my classmates are get ready to go to class, I got a message  saying that the class was cancelled and as a class representative, I have to tell all my classmates about it and yes, I do text them..and after that I lay down on my bed. .not so long after that I have my nap . .lalalaalaaa…

BUT….almost an hour after that, one of my friends called me and said that, the class in on..because one of my lecturers was there. .and she’s angry with us because none of us was there in class..oowwwhhhhh. . .not a good start for today.. 😦 I can’t reach at the class before 10 a.m since I missed the bus at 9 a.m, so I have to wait for another bus at 9.45 a.m.. 😦 ..

Heard about how the class runs, that was freaking me out. .it was started from me, spreading the news that the class was cancelled. .but I was just spreading it when I got a message from the other lecturer. .is that my fault?? 😦 I’m really sorry guys..I don’t know this kind of thing would happen. T___T .. Maybe there was some misunderstanding happened between them.. It’s okay. .

ALHAMDULILLAH, finally I can reach at Fakulti Pendidikan.. 🙂

Today, me and my classmates learned new thing, C.A.S.P.E.R from Mdm. Haz..


Is it about this CASPER?? noo..of course not.. CASPER that we learned today have nothing to do with this little friendly ghost.. 😀 . .hehe..and this is what C.A.S.P.E.R that I talked about.. 🙂




Colour, Image and Typography (font) can distinguish the contrast. If there are two different items on screen, it should be differentiated in regards each other. Contrast is important in order to avoid confusion about the information among the audience, yet it also helps to attract audience’s attention.


Alignment here mean as the arrangement of texts and images in a parallel order. The focus of the visual stimuli must be very clearly reflect and emphasize the object. Each element in the presentation must be in balance with the screen size. Balance can be symmetrical or assymmetrical. Centre focus alignment is most Powerful BUT beware of poor division of information because it can cause disruption in reading.






Keep your message SIMPLE yet INTERESTING. 🙂 . Use text and graphics absolutely necessary to get your point across. Superfluous graphics can interfere with understanding and overabundance of fonts and colours can distract. So, simplicity is the best policy in preparing great layout.


Proximity or closeness creates a bond between people and between elements on a page. How close together or far apart elements are placed, suggests a relationship between otherwise disparate parts. Same elements should be grouped near to each other and different element should be placed far from each other to avoid overlapping. We need to do a suitable space within objects – gaps between texts, gaps between graphics and gaps between graphics and texts. The aim of this is to differentiate between information.


We should have one main item to be focus on. Emphasize on elements and information. This can be accomplished through text, size and colour. The emphasis is to make people give more attention on it.


Use repetition only if you need it. Too much repetition will lead to a boring presentation. Thus we need to use various kinds of media like text, graphic, audio and animation. Standardization will helps to convey messages to the audience based on background colour, font size and font type, also related shapes and images.

The next phase for today’s class is about ”STUDENT LEARNING WITH INFORMATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION” by Mdm. Aidah .. 🙂 Mdm. Aidah is an energetic educator. She makes me and my classmates feel happy and wants to hear what she’s going to deliver. The way she gives lectures to us  is quite different because she try her best to attract our attention. At the beginning of the lecture, she said that our class is a very happening, chaos but still under control yet she love to teach in our class.. 🙂 Now, what is actually the lecture all about??

To be honest, at first, I don’t really get what actually she actually wants to convey but I’d tried my best to give a full attention during the lecture. Some notes that I could copy during the lecture is about the information skills. Information skilss is a set of abilities that enables students to recognise the needs for information and to search, access, evaluate, select, synthesize, use and communicate their findings to accomplish specific purposes.

Mdm. Aidah also said that there’s an argument saying that Malaysian students are just taking the information from any sources for their needs but they are not using it or implementing it. In contrast with students from Western country, where they will do both; taking the information and applying it on their daily life as a higher education students.

Once Mdm. Aidah done with the lecture, it is time for Mr. Helmi take over the class. Today, he talked about Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro will be very helpful for the editing of our final preproduction video. But for today, we can’t really learned much about Adobe Premiere bacause most of the computers have problem with the software.. 😦 This software is really hard to learn for a not-so-advance learner like me.. I need time. .a longgg time to try and error, to know about all these apllication.. Hopefully at the end of this semester, I may use this software just like my other friends who good with this.  Dear classmates, please help me while using this..hehe.. (n_n)

download (2)



The Challenging Week 10.. (O_o)

olaaaaa everyonee.. 😀 how was your day? hopefully everything run too..hoping for only the good things happen in my life.. 🙂

okayy…let’s us just go to the main topic…hehee.. this week we are suppose to present about the progress of our project video to the class..which means in front of my other classmates..just like the formal presentation… Ya ALLAH…what am I  what are we going to present?? yes..we have started with our shooting..but to present it in class…noo nooo nooooooo….we are not ready… we already feel ashamed to show it to Mr. Helmi and Mdm. Haz,,but then we have to show it in class..hwaaaaaaa T____T

whatever our excuses are..the presentation of the progress is still on..every group have to present it…hukhukhuk… the first group presenting their progress is Shafasafiratin’s group, which is the group of Farahafizah et al.. the video that they presented was the trailer for their video project, titled as SAHABAT.. their trailer was superb..enjoyable..awesome..great.. I LIKE THE TRAILER OF SAHABAT.. their work is really, with the creative group members, that is the result.. likelikelikelikelikelikelike ❤ hehhee..

now move on to the second group..which is Fahmi’s group.. here is the other creative and great photographer from my classmates. his touch while taking pictures and video is really great.. the video presented by their group is 90% done..Ya ALLAH…amazing when they said that the video is almost done and they just need to make a little editing on it. the video is about a healthy lifestyle that ones should practice. and in their video, they went to Broga Hill, hike and shoot..bestnyaaaaaa…nak naik brogaa jugakkkk…da lame daa ni… @_@.. their video is really nice, added with the background sound, the was just nice.. 🙂

the next group is Imran’s group..MeranMuvies Production.. they are presenting about the concept and the theme of their video project.. from the information of what they are presenting, I can detect that their video will be great.. they want to make their video shooting at Taman Pantun UKM..isn’t that Taman Pantun nice? with the beautiful house and the harmonious environment.. 🙂

okay..only that three groups were presenting the progress of their video…huhuuuu.. my group, Adira’s group and Ejit’s group are not present it in front of the class… WHY??? because our product are not fully combined just like their group..huuuuu >.<, after we convince the awesome two facilitators, Mr. Helmi and Mdm. Haz, my group and the other two groups are just present it in front of them..hehe.. THANK YOU MR. HELMI AND MDM. HAZ.. 😀

for my group, we are just show to them the first stage of our video since we got four stages. the first stage is about the beauty of the world. we are just manage to combine this stage..huhuhu >.< According to Mr. Helmi, our video will be more interesting if we add some interviews and words telling some parts of the video.. Ai Ai Mr. Helmi..we will remember about the tips you have given.. thank you again for Ummi, Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz and others for being a supportive lecturer and facilitators. 🙂

okayy..that’s all for now.. till see you next timeee..daaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Assalamualaikum.. 🙂

~ Week 7,8 and 9 Reflection ~

Assalamualaikum.. Selamat Sejahtera everyone..
I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoy your day to the fullest.. (n_n)

Now, let me tell you guys my day for today. Wake up to fulfill my Subuh prayer..then get ready to go to class since I’ve got class at 8 am.. Feel really hard to leave the bed….hhmmmm… However, I must fight with this kind of bad feeling..yes!! I reach at the classroom earlier – before 8 am.. 🙂 .. Get into the class and wait for the lecturer to come..however, the lecturer got confused because she thought that the lecture will start at 10 am..wuuu’s okayy.. 😀

Once againnn, Ummi unable to be with us because now she is at Bagan Serai for another UKM-NCER Programme. This was totally not a great news to be heard. . 😦 .. However, it is nice when we have our super nice facilitators and instructor – Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Kak Ana and others. They are all very helpful to us since they will explain and answer every question that we asked even it is just a silly question..hehehe.. Xie xie for the patience while treating us.. 😀

For today’s class, Mr. Helmi started the session explaining about how will our presentation day for our production video look like. The presentation session will be held before our study week *haven’t conform with the date yet*..presentation will be held in Dewan Budiman which is the lecture hall for this faculty *going to be a new experience for me and my classmates since we never have any lecture there*..perasaan excited tu adaa, nervous pon ade la kann..ish3.. Plus, probably we also will present our project in front of others because that particular day will be like a grand presentation day for Educational Technology course, which maybe, MAYBE our dean, lecturers and students of this faculty will be invited as well..and there will also other activities..still on planning.. It sounds great but awwhhh….do we have the guts and confidence while presenting it in front of those people?? No, No, No…it is actually like this – DO I BRAVE ENOUGH TO PRESENT THE WORK IN FRONT OF THOSE PEOPLE?? I prefer to just presenting it in front of my classmates and Edu. Tech.’s lecturer (Ummi) and facilitators…because I will just stammer and stammer and stammer – lost of words when I am nervous..

After having a rough discussion about out PRESENTATION DAY..huuuuuu.. We change our discussion topic, which is about the storyboard and the shooting..for every group..and InsyaAllah, our group will start shooting on November 5th at Sungai Congkak..:) . *Can’t wait for the short trip and mini-shooting*hehhee :D. Apart from that, En. Helmi also showed us the examples of video from different shots..the examples is from the interview on Week 6.. hee . This is kind of revision or recap what we had learned before.

After that, Mdm. Haz took over the class. She told us that it’s already week 8 and we have to start with our shooting or it will be very chaos because of the time limit since there a lot of work to do. We are also going to attend a workshop for video editing and sound editing. This workshop is very important for us because me, myself don’t have the editing skills. For the presentation day, Mdm. Haz did mention about the poster that every group must have to show to the audience about what our video is all about. Every group also needs to have a space where it is like group little exhibition. We need to show the process of video making, the prototype storyboard and also the pictures in the making of. It’s sounds great but still, there are a lot more works to do..

Okayy..enough with that, this is the timeline for the activities that Mdm. Haz has prepared..

Week 8    : Shooting

Week 9    : Shooting

Week 10 : Re-shoot (just if there is any problem with the video)

Week 11  : Preview of the Video (90% done)

Week 12  : Final Compilation

Week 13  : Presentation Day

Once everyone had understood what we have to do, it is time to Mr. Helmi gives a little introduction and training of Soundbooth software. Soundbooth software enables us to build a sound studio from the desktop. Soundbooth allows us to record, import, edit and manipulate sound to accompany visual. Soundbooth offers the user the ability to control the creation of audio from the initial recording to the ears of the audience. We learned and try how to use this Soundbooth software and it is cool. 🙂 . New thing to discover. 😀

Okayy..I think that’s all for now..hope I’ll see you guys next time. By the way, happy holiday, Happy Deepavali and Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram, Salam Maal Hijrah to all my friends and lecturers. 🙂 .. Ingat, cuti-cuti jugak..ASSIGNMENT kena siapkan..hukhukhukhuk..*reminder utk diri sendiri jugak…huuuuu*

Week 6 ~ The Interview. .

Assalamualaikum. . Annyeonghaseyo everyone. . 🙂

This is another for us to continue our journey as a student who take Educational Technology. Before this Educational Technology class, my classmates and I are supposed to have class of Thinking Skills in Education which start at 8.oo till 10.oo am..right before this class. BUT that Thinking Skills class was cancelled when all of us are already reached at the classroom.  WHY?? Because our lecturer are not here in UKM or Bangi and she’s on her way to Langkawi since she got important works to do there. It is quite disappointing since I have to rush early in the morning..thennn..the class was cancelled. T__T . This is what we called as a challenge for students. .BE POSITIVE okayy ?? 🙂


Since we still have Edu. Tech class after Thinking Skills class, I prefer to stay in the classroom until 10.00 am and I am getting excited when Ummi had posted about the activities that we’ll do today. 🙂 . Wanna read that post?? hehe

“I posted on our class blog before Subh today but i guess you kids (u r kids today because you did not open my blog before u go to class 😉 did not follow me or woke up late and in a big rush to catch the bus…anyways…

Today before we start, week 6 class, En Helmi will recap what we have done in Week 4 and Pn Hazrati will recap what we have done in Week 5. We will have Q&A session with all instructors and facilitators before starting getting into Week 6 material. That shall end by 10.30am at the most.

Then for week 6, in reference to videos on graphic and video presentation during the first and second week, we will together design and create a presentation from the whole class to integrate graphic and video into a presentation. What do you say if we have a picnic under “pohon Tiin” at the backyard of my office. I’ll go get some soft drink (since kopi tak luak last 2 weeks) and nasi lemak now hehe there’s ikan bilis sebalik nasi lemak tau, you need to integrate a class video and graphic presentation this time in your reflection for week 6. A good one this time we work as a team, the whole class.

Each person shall say 1-3 sentence only. Muhammad Faisal Kamarul Zaman had borrowed quite a good video cam (in case En Yusuf will not be with us today) for this purpose but i need our expert En Helmi to conduct this session. From now till we meet pls think of what is most pertinent that you gained from learning in a hybrid environment (FB-blog-F2F-field work-outdoor-computer lab-college room etc.) and recap what you said about how this method helped you improve your communication and presentation skill and most of all did it help you gained confidence to talk in good English? 3 sentences only okay … bolehlah kalau nak 5 pun … Farah Yusoff jangan pulak berebut mike dgn Imran Yazid nanti untuk Farah dan Imran kita boleh bagi 7 sentence 🙂

i have to go get nasi lemak so you guys will be motivated to produce a good video clip for the class. That is not a bribe is it?

C u kids later then…pls start doing activity 1 and 2 till 10.30am and proceed to meet me at my office backyard if I am not in class by 10.30am. We’ll probably meet at the hallway infront of Bilik Rehat Pensyarah first.”


Yeayyy!!!! We gonna have a picnic!! 😀

Okay…before that, we all were conducted by Mdm Hazrati to recap what we had learned last week. First, Mdm Haz talked about the ASSURE Model, the most important part that we have to remember because it will be asked in our final exam…wuuuwuuu *seraammm je bila ckap pasal final exam nih..*.. After the refreshing and recapping session done, Mr. Helmi asked us some questions about out storyboard, the progress of our project work, how it’s run and much more. This is a Q&A session, where we also can ask them questions. During the class, we need to show our storyboard and script for our project to the facilitators but then since one of our teammates are not around, so we have to explained about our project roughly – without our real storyboard and script. We got some new ideas – inspired from Mr. Helmi and Mdm. Haz.. 🙂 .

Now, the time that we waited has come – picnic timee!! 😀 …BUT there will also a recording session. We are all will be interviewed by Ummi and other facilitators about the current issues (basically related to this course and academic matters). This time I was like Ya ALLAH..ape nak cakap ni!! kang mengarut ntah ape-ape plak kang..aishh.. nervouss!! Even though it is just a simple interview, it makes my knees shaking..hukhukhuk.. This time I can see that my classmates are preparing for lines..including me, myself..hhuhuuu.. Here is my stammer video.. :3

After we finished the recording session, it is time for to makaaannn… Now we eat with senang hati and no more worries about how will the recording look like.. yeayyy!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you to Ummi, Kak Ana and other facilitators for the we have coffee, mango juice, nasi lemak with ikan bilis and also cheese cake.. yummmyyy.. 😀

Frankly, this course offered us the most exciting and enjoyable class if I make a comparison to other courses..heee >.< In this class, we do not really feel burdened or bore because there will be new things and new activity for us to do about technology. Something that we never do before. Special thanks to Ummi Rosseni, Mr. Helmi, Mdm. Haz, Kak Ana and others. 🙂 ..

aannndd..I think that’s all for this week.. InsyaALLAH will meet again next time.. See ya friends..


My Fifth Week with Educational Technology. . hao peng you.. 😀

*saje nk cuba try test cakap mandarin sikit..almaklumlaa, masa tulis blog ni saya baru balik dari kelas Bahasa Cina..heheheehee*

They are my lovely classmates..
Thanks to ATIKAH HAJAR ALAWI for the nice picture.

This is the fifth week..time passes really is just like in a blink of!! wake up!! Do your work!! aishh.. (_ _||).

Okay..back to the main purpose – the reflection.. As I said earlier, this is the fifth week..there’s a lot more knowledge and new information that me and my classmates gain from this interesting knowledge about technology. 🙂 . However, this week, Ummi are not able to be with us during the class because she has to give a talk on Multimedia e-Content for UKM at Danau Golf Club. Even she’s not with us, but still. .she’s monitoring us..hehe 🙂 . Replacing her place, En. Helmi and Puan Hazrati are conducting the class just like last week..

The class started when Puan Hazrati teach us about Instructional Design. What is Instructional Design? Instructional Design is the process or procedure by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials. Instructional designers often use technology and multimedia as tools to enhance instruction. It also typically specify a method, that if followed will facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude to the learner. There are six basic Principles of ASSURE Model of Instructional Technology :

  1. Analyze Learners
  2. State the Objectives
  3. Select Methods, Media and Materials
  4. Utilize Media and Materials
  5. Require Learner Participation
  6. Evaluate and Revise

ASSURE Model is a model that more related to classroom learning. The most important principles is the first two ; analyze learners – make sure that students know what is actually the application of Web 2.0 before we start teach them. Another one is state the objectives – which consist of four elements; Audience, Behaviour, Conditions and Degree (ABCD’s of well stated objectives). Other than that, Puan Hazrati did mentioned about ADDIE model. The ADDIE instructional design model provides a step-by-step process that helps training specialists plan and create training programs. The ADDIE design model revolves around the following five components:

Why we called this model as ADDIE? this is due to the first letter of every components. The 5 components of ADDIE is;

  1. Analyze – where during the analysis, the teacher identifies the learning problem, the goals and objectives, the learners’ need, existing knowledge that learners have, and any other relevant characteristics.  Analysis also considers the learning environment, any constraints, the delivery options, and the timeline for the project.
  2. Design – where we need to design the course or specify the learning objectives on paper. Detailed storyboards and prototypes are often made, and the look and feel, graphic design, user-interface and content is determined here. We need to name the learning units of instruction, identify content and strategies for an individual unit of instruction and also write instructions for the learning unit.
  3. Development – Develop course materials and assemble the course or the actual creation (production) of the content and learning materials based on the Design phase. We have to build content, assignments, assessments, the course structure then we upload the content.
  4. Implement – During implementation, the plan is put into action and a procedure for training the learner and teacher is developed.  Materials are delivered or distributed to the student group. After delivery, the effectiveness of the training materials is evaluated. Here is the stage where teachers begin to teach their students. The teachers will begin to overview of course, the expectations for the course, initiate instruction for the students, interact with the students about the learning process and lastly ask for feedback from the students about their point of view for the course.
  5. Evaluate – Look at the course outcomes with a critical eye. We need to assess their learning. Did the students achieve expected learning outcomes? What have you learned from this course as a teacher? How can you make the course better? This is important because as a teacher, we need to improve the teaching skills so that we can give them an effective learning session.

And now is turn En. Helmi to gives his lecture about Video Production Module : Production Phase and Post-Production. First of all, he explained to us about the production on how to shoot a good video. On the production phase, there are four sections; composition of video shot, the angle of video shot, the movement of camera video and the tips while recording a video.

En. Helmi said that there are three composition of video shot. First is the Close-Up shot (CU) – where we put full focus on the subject and not the background. For example on the picture below, we are just focused to the girl and not the background. Second is the Middle shot (MS)- for the middle shot, the subject and the background are equally dominant. The mid shot shows some part of the subject in more detail, whilst still showing enough for the audience to feel as if they were looking at the whole subject. Lastly is the Long Shot or Wide Shot (WS) – for the wide shot, the background dominate the picture. The subject takes up the full frame. This shot is suitable to show the environment and the location for a scene. For a dynamic and creative picture with nice composition of shot, we need to apply the Rule of Thirds. 🙂

Close-Up Shot

Middle Shot

Wide Shot or Long Shot

Next, let’s discover about the angle of video shot. The angle of video shot is also another things that must be considered while shooting. It is important to give a unique perspectives to the audience about what is happening in that scene. Here’s a few angle that can be apply; Normal Angle – the camera is positioned at approximately the subject’s eye level. The normal angle refers to the subject’s position, not the position most comfortable for you while taking picture. If we were shooting a group of children then a normal “adult” angle would be too high. In a case like this we should lower the camera. High Angle – In a high angle shot, we placed the camera above the eye level, with the camera shooting down on the subject. A high camera angle is useful for showing the audience an overview of our scene or shooting area. A high camera angle tends to make the subject appear smaller in size and stature. Looking down on a subject usually suggests a feeling of loneliness and a lack of power. Low Angle – In a low angle shot the camera is positioned below the eye level, with the camera shooting up at the subject. If we are shooting up from a low angle, we can makes the subject appear larger and suggests a feeling of power and dominance.

The Normal Angle

The High Angle

The Low Angle

Now let’s move on to the next topic, movement of the camera. Camera movement can be use to show the movement of an object or the change of perspectives of that video. Zoom – is a single shot which moves towards a particular subject. We use zoom-in to show focus to one object, while zoom-out to show the overall scene. However, be careful with the zoom because sometimes it makes our shot unrealistic and we need to be careful while handling it. Pan – the horizontal movement of a camera from left to right or vice versa where the camera base or the cameraman is static. The common term that we use is pan-left and pan-right. Usually we use pan to capture the fast movement of an object. The next one is tilt. Tilt is almost the same as pan but the direction is different, which is vertical. In other words, tilt is a camera movement in which the base remains stationary but the head of the camera moves up and down. The term that we used is tilt-up and tilt-down. Dolly – is a realistic movement where the whole camera is moves approaching or away from the camera towards the object using wheeled tripod. Dolly is platform on wheels, on which a camera can be placed in order to allow more freedom of movement during filming. It is not restricted to a simple rectilinear movements. In a simple words, it is used to follow action.  The term that we use is dolly-in and dolly-out. Last but not least is truck. Truck shot has the same movement as dolly but the direction of the camera is different, that is from left to right or another way around. The term is truck-left or truck-right. Truck shot is totally different from pan shot because in truck shot, the camera was moved and at the same time, angle of the video shot change.

En. Helmi said to us that production is a location-based learning. In location-based learning, the context is mobile or mobility. Situated learning is a learning that takes place in the same context in which it is applied. With this, we can reflect on our experiences, document our observations, connect with others, create enduring but dynamic materials that can be used by others and link learners to social networks of friends and peers with similar contexts as they find, explore, and share content. Mobile augmented reality is when the real world combined with the virtual world (layered).

View from Mobile Phone or Tablet PC

En. Helmi also introduced us about mobile tags. Mobile tags functioned as a link to website based on bar code. How to do it? Just go to and put the link of your wordpress, Facebook, blogspot or anything on the space given. After that click on generate free (if u want the free one)hehehe 😀

QR Code Generator and Management

Here I try to make my own code for my wordpress and my Facebook.

This is my wordpress code.. 🙂

and this is my Facebook tag..

All these are new things for me and I need to get used with it. InsyaALLAH, I’ll make use with all the new stuffs. 🙂
Okay then..till we meet again next time..see yaa.. 🙂

The Additional Reflection of Week 4

Assalamualaikum and have a nice day to all of you.. ^_^

This reflection is kind of the sequence for the Week 4 reflection. At first I was like what? why? :O . What else should I write in this blog? Not only me, but some of my classmates also feel the same way I feel. I’m sorry Ummi.. But then, once I read Ummi’s blog, I know why. Actually Ummi just want to make our (my classmates and I of course) works easier, she allow us to replace the reflection for Week 9 that is the week of our mid-semester break with this continuation reflection. Which means that we can just, spend our time with family without worrying about the reflection. Isn’t that great? 🙂 . We are sorry Ummi, for not being a good student.. 😦 but please don’t be mad with us.

Okay, now let’s just start with the content. Education, what is education? The basic definitions about education is about the delivery of knowledge, skills, and information from educators to students and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. From that we can see that most of people said that education as a delivery system – it sounds reasonable right guys, but it misses what is the most important about education. What is it? hm..that’s what we want to find out, maybe through this course, we can make our future-teaching even more interesting and the most important is, the objective of teaching is achieved.Okay, now turn to Educational Technology..what is it? Most of the schools with the equipment nowadays are undergoing a major transformation as they transition to a digital learning environment. With greater opportunities to access information, collaborate with peers and teachers, and create new types of content, students are more engaged and have a stronger voice in their own education. Teachers are able to use actionable information to personalize learning based on individual student’s learning needs and styles. Educational technology is the use of technology to improve teaching and learning, the treatment of the process by which people learn, as a systematic process based on objectives, with strategies and systems to achieve them. There are other sources said that Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. Also, educational technology is the considered implementation of appropriate tools, techniques, or processes that facilitate the application of senses, memory and cognition to enhance teaching practices and improve learning outcomes. They are just give almost the same definitions. Lastly is ICT, which stand for Information and Communication Technology. ICT refers to the technology that provide access to information through communications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT) but focuses primarily on communications technologies. This includes the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums. Actually, students nowadays really love to interact with these kind of technology. These may attract their attention during class, encourage them to get involve with the discussion because we as a teacher can imply while future teaching.

Okay, the next topic is about how I feel when interacting with the resources, people and owner of the blog and the modulvideo blog and also Facebook group. When I found some sources about anything but especially something that relate with my course, of course I feel excited and want to know more about that particular topic. From there, I’ll get new knowledge. 🙂 When there’s something puzzled me, I’ll discuss it with my friends. How we discuss?? :O We are not only discuss it when we meet but also via Facebook Group, Conversation with selected friends also in Facebook. But one thing for sure, I can leave a question in comment box when the source that I found was from a blog. For the modulvideo blog which conducted by En. Helmi, there are lots of information, tips, discussion topics about the project video that we need to do.  Every single things about production phase are there, I just need to refer there if I want to know something about video making. I feel impressed towards the people who can actually be a blogger because it is not easy, we must have a lot of ideas of  what we want to write and the writing must be interesting or people won’t read it. Now, I’m trying to be like them…even though this is just an educational reflection.. 🙂

Apart from the topics above, Ummi also asked me and my classmates to reflect about the reading of blogs of my seniors. Sincerely, I didn’t read all the 19 individual blogs and 4 group blogs. There are few blogs that I make them as reference such as, and These 3 blogs are full of spirit and information. They look really enjoy with their project from what can I see from the pictures, the excitement they showed. Everyone takes their role and fulfill it till the end of the project.

Okay, actually the real task for Week 4 is my thoughts on how the availability of web 2.0 applications such as WordPress, Facebook Group, etc. in this course have helped to overcome my problem or even increase my confidence, presentation  and communication skill or help me becomes more critical and creative in solving problems to complete the given tasks.. Hmmm… to explain ek?? This course gives a lot of benefits to think not only me, but to all my classmates. As this is the only course that introduce me about blogging besides Computer in Education subject. YES!! Educational Technology have helped me to solve my problem, for the example; when I have no time and I need a quick respond for anything that I would like to know, I can just posted in Facebook Group or leave a message to my friends asking about that particular topic. Using this way of learning, I can save my time, energy and cost because I don’t have to go to the faculty to ask the lecturers about what I don’t understand regarding the assignment, the examination, or anything. 🙂

Furthermore, this may increase my confidence level. In what way?? Through the presentation. While presenting the storyboard, my team mates and I need to deliver what actually we want to do. I must make my classmates, Ummi and the facilitators confident and get the idea for our project, because if we don’t have the confidence, the presentation will not be effective. and ALHAMDULILLAH, this course also have helped me in improving my communication skills, I learned to communicate better, not only with my friends, lecturers and also with the public. Communication is not only happen when we talk to someone, but it also occur in this blog – one-way communication. I just write whatever I want to write as long as it is not go astray from the main topic. However it can also be a two-way communication when readers drop their comments. So, it is important for me to master the communication skill in order to make readers understand what I am going to deliver. Again, YES!! this course helped me to be a critical and creative thinker. How? Through this reflection of course. I am actually be a critical thinker to come out with these posts. It is not easy to be a blogger. Need to find a suitable and catchy words to ensure readers won’t be bored the posts. Be as creative as I can to make my blog looks colorful and cheerful – inserting the nice pictures. 🙂

To put everything in a nutshell, what I can say is Web 2.0 have helped me in lot of new things. INSYALLAH knowledge that I got from this class I will apply it during my future teaching to make an interactive way of learning. 🙂

To Acquire Wisdom One Must Observe, BUT To Acquire Knowledge One Must STUDY. . ^^,

Introduction Video of Myself.. :)